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A simple blog about Kitchen and Bathroom taps, and all things related.


The main purpose of this blog is to serve as an information site, along with some useful links and resources. The content is pretty much aimed at anyone that has an interest in this subject area. The content is simple, straightforward with very little use of technical jargon. You will find a lot of the content to be “short and sweet” as the old saying goes. Sometimes a blog article can tend to go on and on, to the point where the author may as well have utilised his/her time writing a novel, but you will very rarely come across that on here. As they say “Less is more”.

All content on this blog is original and unique. One of the things that drives me up the wall is when someone copies and pastes from another blog onto their blog, and claim it to be theirs. On the very rare occasion if you where to find that happen on here, it would have been done so with the authors permission, and credit will be given to the original author at the end of the post.

This blog is updated every week, with new content added on a weekly basis. You are more than welcome to comment on any of the posts, and we will endeavour to reply to all comments.