Making The Most Out Of A Small Kitchen

Making the most out of a small kitchen


Chloe Taylor


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Small kitchens are common in urban areas. People usually avoid cooking in them and use them only to reheat or microwave food. However, if you love to cook, but your kitchen is seemingly small and claustrophobic, there are a few tricks that can expand it.

Open or Glass Cabinets
Instead of using closed cabinets, you can switch to glass-front ones. These still serve the original purpose of storing and protecting your dishes, but they also add the sense of space. Wooden, closed cabinets will bring the claustrophobic feel into your already small kitchen, but if you open them up a bit, the reflections will provide space.

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Also, you can lay the back of the cabinet with some bright wallpaper and create a pleasant display for your dishes. Another option is completely ditching the cabinets and installing some stylish, but simple shelves that will open up the space and keep your dishes safe.

Let the Light In
Unfortunately, small spaces tend to be a bit too dark. If your kitchen has the same issue, think about removing the curtains from the windows. This will enable as much light as possible to enter the space, which will automatically make it appear spacious.

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However, daylight isn’t enough, so make sure to have ambient light on the ceiling and a task light above the working station. The best option for the task light is the under-cabinet lighting which doesn’t occupy any needed space and provides enough light for you to safely prepare each meal.

Compact Kitchen Appliances

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Smaller kitchens are all about functionality, so restrain yourself from buying furniture that is too big and appliances that aren’t really needed. Instead, opt for some smaller quality refrigeration products that can store all of your food without taking too much space, choose a smaller stove with every necessary element and don’t go too big with the coffee makers or microwaves. Tend to keep things simple and within the proportions of your kitchen, and you are sure to have enough space and everything you actually need

Floor-to-Ceiling Storage
Sometimes, cabinets don’t have enough space for everything you need in a kitchen. In order to avoid the clutter, you have to get creative. Turn each empty corner of your kitchen into a storage space. For example, use the shelves for storing colourful dishes and glasses which can both serve as stylish decoration

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Use cabinets for bigger pieces and even use the space above the cabinets for pots and pans. Also, don’t forget to use the walls. Install cute little hooks above the counter, underneath the cabinets or above the sink and place everything from rags to shiny spatulas and ladles there. Your oven, too, can become a storage for some bigger pans and baking pans. Possibilities are limitless, you just have to be creative and find the way to use everything you have in the kitchen.

Avoid Clutter
Avoiding clutter is probably the best advice you can get for saving space. If you leave dirty dishes in the sink or on the counter, plenty of glasses and food all over the kitchen, be sure it will turn into one even smaller, dirty place. Your best choice is cleaning as you go. While you are cooking and waiting for something to be done, use the time to clean up after yourself. Also, you should think about getting rid of certain dishes. If you believe that 4 pans, 20 glasses of the same style and 5 pots are too much, then give some of them away. The fewer things you actually use, the less clutter you will create which automatically saves space.

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Having a small kitchen isn’t a disaster. You just have to keep it clean and adjust the furniture a bit. Don’t forget that a clean, fresh space with perfect proportions will always look spacious, comfortable and stylish, no matter how small it actually is.





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