Different Types Of Outside Taps

Different Types of Outside Taps

Having an outdoor tap can be very useful. Typically, you will fit your tap on the outside of your kitchen wall, so you can connect it to the plumbing under your sink.

There are several types of outdoor taps you might see. Many of them are brass, because this is very resistant to corrosion – handy when it will be outside in all weathers. Look out for a tap kit that includes everything you will need to fit your new outdoor tap.


Some outdoor taps have check valves on them. This is a valve that prevents water flowing backwards through the system – ideal when it would be going back into your kitchen without it.



When shopping for an outdoor tap, you may see it referred to as a hose union tap. This basically means the tap has two connection points on it. One will allow you to connect the water pipe from indoors through the wall and onto the tap where it is mounted on the outside wall. The remaining connector is to allow you to connect up the hose pipe to it so you can use your hose to water the garden once the tap is turned on.


Another type of tap is referred to as a bib tap. This is also sometimes called a bibcock. Either way, it refers to a tap that has an elbow section fixed to the end of a pipe.

If you get a home DIY outdoor tap kit, you should find everything you need is included in that kit. Have a look at the picture prior to purchase, so you can see the nature of the tap you will be buying.

Finally, consider whether you need a tap lock to prevent others from accessing your water supply (especially if you have a water meter and others have access to your tap). It might be worth it for a few extra dollars.


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