What Is A Belfast Sink?

Many people tend to ask the question “What is a Belfast sink?”

To start with, the name Belfast sink is derived from a “Butler sink”.

Butler sinks got their name as they where used by Butlers in their pantries for preparing food and washing up after the nobles had finished. Butler sinks where made in London.

Based on the above, Belfast sinks are named this way because they where made for and used initially in Belfast. They where made so that they had a water overflow built in to allow water to flow out. This was because water was readily available in Belfast in the late 1700`s.



The Butler sinks made in London did not have overflows. Water was precious in London during that time, as it had to be drawn from deep wells.

The Belfast sinks that are available in today`s modern market are built with overflows, and are made to fit beautifully with any classic kitchen design. The beauty of these sinks is that they are easy to clean, can accommodate big bowls and available with single bowl or double bowl.


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