3 Easy Upgrades For Your Kitchen Sink


Replace your old Flange and basket strainer. Is your existing flange scratched and just doesn’t look nice anymore? Does your old basket strainer clog things up more than it strains? Simply by replacing your sink flange or strainer with a new one, you can spice up the look of your sink. This is a very simple process and can easily update the look of your sink.


2PCS Stainless-Steel Kitchen Sink Strainer – Large Wide Rim 4.45″ Diameter – Perfect for Kitchen Sinks (Large) – Fengbao


Add a soap lotion dispenser! If your sink has an extra hole, you can use it for a soap or lotion dispenser. It only takes a few minutes to install, and will immediately add a sleek look to your kitchen sink.


KINGO HOME Commercial Built In Deck Mount Brushed Nickel Stainless Steel Pump Liquid Lotion Kitchen Countertop Soap Dispenser, with 13 Ounce PP Bottle


Install an under counter water filter! An under-counter water filter will enable you to enjoy the benefits of filtered water without having to spend a fortune on bottled water. Slightly expensive to purchase, but in the long run you will be saving money.





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