Tap Water Filters

Tap water is water that comes directly from the cities mains water supply. The water is processed through the mains system before being served to the taps of homes. With tap water you may notice a slight metallic taste. This is because of the combination of chlorine, limescale and other impurities found in tap water. This does not mean that tap water is harmful. The chlorine mixed in tap water will kill the harmful bacteria. However, due to the nature of the mains water filtration system, you will find that a lot of chemicals have been used to help purify the water.

Below is a list of a few of the chemicals routinely added to your tap water supply:

Liquefied Chlorine
Aluminium sulphate
Calcium hydroxide


The tap water must also travel through several miles of pipe before it reaches your tap. During this water travel, the water can pick up contaminants along its journey.

For clearer, cleaner and better water, taps fitted with a filter have become available on the market.

Water filter taps are designed to improve the smell, appearance and overall taste of the water. Filter taps are one of the most economical ways of improving water quality inside the home. Imagine being able to have access to the same quality water that you would normally find in bottled water simply through the turn of the tap…

Below are examples of filter taps that are available for purchase.





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