What Is Ceramic Disc Technology

What is Ceramic Disc Technology in Taps?


Have you ever used a tap and found it harder and harder to turn off properly? If so, you can be sure it had a rubber washer inside it. Many taps have rubber washers, but the rubber will eventually wear out and need replacing.

That isn’t the case when ceramic disc technology is used. A tap with a ceramic disc in place of a rubber washer only needs to be turned slightly to turn off the water flow. This is very easy and will prevent any unwanted dripping – something that is likely to happen as a rubber washer starts to age.




No need for replacement

This is one of the best parts of ceramic disc technology. Ceramic discs don’t wear out, unlike rubber washers. This means you won’t have to worry about trying to replace them or having to go through the frustration of struggling to turn your tap off once the washer starts to wear out.

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Indeed, only a slight turn is ever needed to stop the flow of water where ceramic discs are used. This in turn prevents wear-and-tear on the tap parts, and again leads to a far longer life with no hassle or problems.




Easier on your hands

If you have arthritis, or any other problems that mean you have less strength in your hands, ceramic disc technology is definitely for you. You won’t have to turn the tap to a significant degree to turn it off, or to turn it tighter and tighter because a rubber washer is failing.


Can you get replacement parts?

In the unlikely event you did need to replace the ceramic disc or any other interior part of a ceramic disc tap, you can get spares. These are much more likely to be needed in hard water areas.







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