Different Types Of Basins

Different Types of Basins

So you’re buying a new bathroom. Have you thought about the type of basin you’re going to have yet?

 If you thought all basins were pretty much the same, think again. You might be surprised at the options available. Let’s take a look to see what you could choose from.

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Pedestal basins

If budget is an issue, choose a pedestal basin. The basin itself is attached to the wall and supported by the pedestal underneath that sits on the floor. It also hides the plumbing. They are widely available in a variety of styles, hence their affordability.



Save floor space with a semi-pedestal basin

If floor space is an issue, a semi-pedestal could be the answer. This more minimalist solution means there is a smaller pedestal section attached to the wall immediately underneath the basin itself. Once again, it hides the plumbing, but it leaves the floor underneath the basin free to use for other things.

Counter-top basins

Is storage an issue you want to resolve in your new bathroom? Consider a counter-top basin that is positioned into a counter-top, providing you with room to install a proper cabinet underneath. This is ideal for storing shampoo, conditioner, towels… basically anything you would otherwise have to have out on display.

Recessed basins

This is similar to the counter-top solution above, but in this case the basin is set into the top section of a vanity unit designed specifically for this purpose. It is particularly good for small bathrooms or separate WCs where a small basin and some storage is still required.

A corner basin

If you are really tight on space and you cannot accommodate a regular-sized basin, a corner basin could be just what you need. These are always smaller than the usual basins, and they also give the opportunity for the associated pipework to be hidden behind panelling or something similar into the corner of the wall. This is the ideal sink to choose for a separate WC, especially if there is no space for anything else.

Different styles and designs

Of course, in every case, you are sure to find a wide variety of styles to choose from. There are modern designs and materials as well as more traditional designs. While porcelain is still very popular, some modern basins are made from marble, granite and even toughened glass. If you want to make a real feature of your bathroom, this could be the ideal way to do it.

One final point: Make sure you decide whether you want one mixer or Monobloc tap or two separate pillar taps before choosing your sink. Some come with one or two holes depending on what you require, so make sure you order the right one.



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