Choosing The Right Kitchen Tap

Don’t underestimate the importance of choosing a good kitchen tap. You’ll be using it daily, and the wrong design will lead to frustration and problems. However, get it right and you’ll be glad of the choice you made.


Will the price be right?

Let’s focus on price first. Some taps are a lot more expensive than others, but remember you get what you pay for. Advanced tap technology in the pricier taps means you will likely get trouble-free use, which may not be the case with cheaper taps.

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Pillar taps, Monobloc taps or mixer taps?

These are your two basic choices. It’s easier to go for whichever type you have in place at the moment. Changing it will mean changing your plumbing (not impossible but it’s extra work).



A set of pillar taps will provide you with one hot tap and one cold tap. Each one will need a separate hole to be installed in. Meanwhile, Monobloc taps come in one unit. They come in a variety of designs but they only ever require one hole for installation. These should not be confused with mixer taps. These require two holes, one for cold and one for hot, but there is only one actual tap that mixes the water as you control the flow of hot and cold together.


This may appear to be purely aesthetic, but this isn’t the case. Knobs will of course need to be turned, and if you have trouble with your hands (arthritis is a good example), you might find this a challenge. Furthermore, if you do a lot of cooking, you might regularly have dirty hands. You’ll then get your taps messy every time you want to turn them on to wash your hands.


The other option is to get handles or levers. Depending on the design of the taps, they can move up and down or from one side to the other. These can be operated by the elbows if need be, making it a lot easier to keep the taps clean. You’ll also be able to operate them with ease if you have trouble turning regular knobs, as we discovered above.





From brass to chrome

Most kitchen taps are finished in chrome. However, you can get brass ones, which appear warmer in tone. They are probably most suited to older, more traditional kitchen designs.


Chrome taps can be purchased in either  matt, brushed or shiny finish, depending on your preference. Think about the sink you have as this will help you choose the most appropriate finish for your needs.



Choosing your ideal tap may not be as easy as you first thought. However, a little work at this stage will result in getting the best tap for your kitchen.



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