Choosing The Right Bath Tap

Choosing the Right Bath Tap

Whatever bath you choose, you’ll need to buy your taps separately. However, it makes sense to consider your tap options first. If you buy a bath with two holes pre-drilled for taps, and then fall in love with a Monobloc mixer tap, you’ll be stuck. A Monobloc tap is designed to use just one hole, and you mix the hot and cold water together by adjusting the handles (or single handle in some cases) to get the desired temperature.


Mixer taps can be ideal for the bath, since you can mix the water to the right temperature instead of letting the bath fill with hot water first. These differ from Monobloc taps in that they do still need two fixing holes in the bath itself. A mixer tap does come in one section though, and will be plumbed in according to the hot and cold water pipes that are made available for the bath.


Do you need to change your plumbing?

The good news is, every type of bath tap needs both a hot and cold water feed. The only difference is in how you install it. Hot and cold pillar taps (two entirely separate taps) are connected to the hot and cold feeds respectively.

A mixer tap simply needs each of the two feeds connected to the correct sides. A Monobloc tap is slightly different in that the two feeds go into the single base of the tap. The tap then mixes the water as you control the handles at the top.


Single-lever mixer taps will need a higher water pressure

Water pressure might be the last thing you’re thinking of when choosing a tap. However, you’ll need a higher water pressure if you want a tap that only has one mixing lever. Anything with two handles or levers, or two entirely separate pillar taps, will perform far better with lower water pressure. A higher pressure is also required for taps that are fitted to the wall rather than the bath itself.


Do you required a shower hose to be attached as well?

Some bath taps also have a shower hose attached to them. This can be wrapped around the taps and set into a holder on top when not in use. This might also provide a good solution if you tend to have baths with only the occasional shower. The shower hose can be set into a separate holder on the wall if you want to have a shower instead.

As you can see, there are a variety of options to choose from. This is why it makes sense to consider the options – not to mention your choice of bath and your water pressure – before you buy.



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