Choosing The Right Basin Tap

Choosing the Right Basin Tap

In many way, bathroom taps are the finishing touch to whatever bathroom suite you choose. To this end, they should not be chosen lightly. It does also make sense to invest a little time in finding out what the possibilities are, as you will discover here.



Make sure they match your bath taps!

Yes, it does sound obvious, but do make sure whatever you have in mind for your bath can also be bought for your sink. This is particularly important if you decide on a mixer tap complete with shower attachment for your bath, since you need to make sure you can also buy separate hot and cold taps (or a mixer sans attachment) for the sink.

One or two?

If you have already chosen your bathroom suite, check the sink to see how many holes it has. This will determine whether you need a mixer or Monobloc tap, or whether you need to look for pillar taps instead. In some cases, you may find three holes are present. This means you must look for a tap kit that has two handles and one spout provided separately.

Consider the style

It is important to consider what style you are going for in your new bathroom design. You’ll find plenty of suitable basin taps on the market, but some may be overly modern for your needs, while some could be too traditional. Where does your style and décor fit into the mix?


Brass or chrome?

If you want your taps to last long into the future, brass is by far the best choice to make. This is because it won’t corrode, unlike chrome taps will over time. Of course, if you don’t like the look of brass, you will have to opt for brushed or polished chrome.


Consider ceramic disc technology

This should be considered for all your bathroom taps, not just the ones for your basin. Ceramic discs won’t wear out like rubber washers will, which means far less maintenance for you and easy-to-use taps as well.


How does the flow of water turn on and off?

Some basin taps operate by turning knobs, whereas others use handles or levers. Consider which option would be best for you. Is there anyone in your household that finds it a challenge to turn a normal tap on or off? If so, opt for levers or handles instead of knobs. Incidentally, this is also another good argument to make in terms of ceramic disc technology, which makes turning taps on and off a lot easier too.


As you can see, there are lots of aspects to think about when you are looking for basin taps. These all come together to help you choose the right tap for your needs.




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